Feeling depleted?
Where has your time, energy, and attention gone?
Do you have any time to play and most importantly… unleash your brilliance?
(Yeah, you have it in spades, even if you don’t remember where it went.)


Have you stopped shining, glowing and feeling healthy?


Has clutter made you feel sluggish, tired, maxed out, spent and stuffed?
Has it made you feel ready for bed, all. the. time?


It’s nothing to be embarrassed about… it’s easy to lose yourself and very possible to begin to return home to the REAL you.


Clutter isn’t just about STUFF…
What else is getting in the way of you being your fullest self? Cloudy thoughts, messy spaces, tangled feelings?


Your highest self needs SPACE so you can flow in the direction of your desires.
Your human self needs a structured environment in which to live well.


Right now you’re making room for the clutter to thrive.

Let’s cleanse the clutter so YOU can thrive.


Those life nutrients (time, energy, money, pleasure, creativity, focus) are needed for you to sustain your brilliance and show up in the world. You can’t afford to sink into it anymore.

It’s time to rise, and it’s time to rise and shine.


Let’s face it, who likes to cleanse alone? 


It’s time to cleanse if:

– You have one or two areas that drive you CRAZY and you can’t ever seem to keep organized; your desk, your car, your closet, your countertop, etc.

– You are distracted by thoughts of “I need to clean out that space!” and then plagued by procrastination in actually doing it.

– It’s easy for you to snap a few photos and email them to me (and don’t be embarrassed about your space, I’ve seen it ALL!).

– You’re ready to change your patterns in this area of your life.


During your Lightspeed Clutter Cleanse you will:

  • Choose an area or space you want cleared and organized. (where will you get the most relief, the fastest? where will you unblock the best stuff?)
  • Invest in your cleanse by clicking the button below (price is $260)
  • You’ll be redirected to fill out a questionnaire so I can get a better idea of what is going on and you’ll be prompted to email me up to 10 photos of your chosen space and schedule your cleanse. This ensures our session will be as productive for you as possible.
  • We’ll book 90-minutes together on Zoom, an online meeting room.


You will come away from your cleanse with a clearer space, more energy, and momentum to continue making positive changes for yourself.

Praise From Online Clients


Shawna McGrath

Shawna McGrath

Astrologer & Spiritual Teacher / Shawna McGrath Astrology

I had a virtual clutter cleanse session with Sofia and I was amazed at how easy, quick and fun it was! Sofia provided suggestions for instant de-cluttering and changes that I could make later based on my budget and schedule. The best part is that the session was all on video (quick and easy!) but it was like she was actually in the room with me. She picked up on little details that I hadn't even noticed myself. Her approach is quick, direct, kind and incredibly intuitive. The session helped me get a quick handle on my space and gave me motivation too! Even months later, I find myself drawing on the inspiration and wisdom provided in our time together.

Danielle Sinclair Whitby

Danielle Sinclair Whitby

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner / Cultivate Nutritional ChangeWork

The uncluttering work Sofia and I did together was so profoundly valuable, and resulted in significant improvement - on a practical and personal level. Sofia's live-via-Skype presence accompanied me through a process of clearing out just one vitally important part of my home - we focused on the heart and life of the thing: The kitchen! Her humor, kindness, and strict instructions to leave no plastic piece of shit in the back, "honey I can see that, now get it outta there!!!" 😊 were the strength and force I needed to get. it. done. I don't know what I loved more - clean, cleared, well-organized cupboards- or having her company for 2 hours each week? Either way, the guidance and how-to stuck - when things get messy, I am able now to easily bring it all back together. If you are feeling the impact of too much to manage in your space, you owe it to yourself to check out this lady's work. I can't recommend her enough. I've still got a way to go in organizing the rest of my home, but with Sofia on my side - it's a matter of when, not if.


After all, it’s not just about your stuff. 

Clutter shows up in every aspect of our lives, from our thoughts, to our habits, to our schedule, and even in our inboxes.

The more cluttered areas a person has, the more depleted they are of what I call Life Nutrients.


Life Nutrients include: 

  • Energy
  • Time
  • Pleasure
  • Money
  • Focus
  • Creativity


This is why, when you get uncluttered, all of these areas open back up, giving you immense freedom and resources to live more authentically.

This is why living a life uncluttered matters.


Could you use more life nutrients? 

Couldn’t we all?


Ready to Cleanse? Let’s Go! 

Follow the steps below to get started!


step 1


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step 2


Fill out my online form.

step 3



After you fill out the form above, you will be redirected to my scheduling page and you can pick a date and time for your LightSpeed Clutter Cleanse.

step 4



  1. You’ve paid for your cleanse.
  2. You’ve filled out the questionnaire.
  3. Now it’s time to send me your photos via email.

Send me up to 10 photos of your space with as best lighting as possible so I can see clearly enough before we begin working together.

Send them to sofia@alifeuncluttered.com