This is hands-on organizing.

We work on getting your space as uncluttered as possible. Then we organize it.

We create systems that are efficient and functional for your space and tailored to your needs.

I’m there with you helping you each step of the way, motivating you, holding your hand, helping you make decisions, and space designing to create a result that is sustainable for clutter free living.


In person organizing is for you if:

  • You feel you’re not a good self-starter
  • You need help taking initiative and getting motivated
  • You need hand-holding
  • You have tried repeatedly and can’t seem to make any progress
  • You want someone to effectively clear your clutter by showing you a way to do it


 Offered in person, in Houston, Texas • Available for domestic & international travel
 1-hour $175   •   2-hours $300   •   3-hours $400
 Package pricing with a discount is available on a case-by-case basis
 Travel charges may apply outside my service area


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Praise For In-Person Organizing


Dedra Murchison

Dedra Murchison

Money Mentor Coach / Roadmap to Change

Sofia has a passion for organization and possesses the knowledge and tools and wisdom to help anyone achieve superior results with maximum fun! Sofia is an organizational genius. She has revolutionized the way I think about clutter and organization and has helped me to become more effective at work and at home. I was amazed that I was able to easily let go of things that were no longer serving me. After spending time with her, I now shop differently and if something is not 100% of what I want, it stays in the store. With her support, I have been able to let go of things I never imagined possible. Her passion for this process inspires and motivates me to achieve more than I could accomplish on my own. She is always willing and able to meet me where I am at with the right blend of gentle compassion and tough-love. This is truly a collaborative process and we have had lots of fun transforming my spaces and ultimately my life.

Anne Utech

Nutritional Program Manager, PhD, RDN, LD

I feel more at peace in my space and have more mental clarity. I feel at any moment I could retrieve exactly what I need, and put anything away exactly where it needs to go. It is free of visual, mental and emotional clutter. I also feel I have a better mentality about letting things go, and that being organized is important to allow me to be the best person I can be, expanding myself in any direction I choose. Getting uncluttered and organized is a lifestyle change; the experience is similar to therapy and/or hiring a personal trainer. It's not a cleaning service! This service is about personal development and improvement just as much as it is about getting organized. Sofia gets to know you as a person and helps you think through the changes you need to make in your life to live as clutter free as possible. She supports you in your decisions and helps you frame you space going forward. I loved working with her and I would recommend Sofia to anyone who feels stuck, regardless of their amount of "stuff" or clutter.

Joan Harwood

Joan Harwood

Therapist MA, LMFT, LPC / River Oaks Family Therapy

Sofia is a genius with people and a skilled professional organizer and life coach. Throughout the process of working with her, she makes each step clearly understood so that the finished product is not only functional, it's sustainable. She has the magic touch!

Hope Nordmeyer

Hope Nordmeyer


Sofia has assisted me in many ways both professionally and personally. As an organizer and life coach she provided me invaluable assistance to clarify goals, strategize desired outcomes, and follow through with action. Her feedback was essential in helping me stay grounded in my priorities enabling me to avoid old behaviors that were hindering my success. She brings to her work a multitude of gifts and talents, with a wisdom beyond her years. She was gifted in offering insight into blocks I encountered (both internal and external) that hindered action and progress. I have loved working with her as she is a very rare individual who is intelligent, humorous, free spirited, and refreshingly honest. Her varied experiences inform her work and she is knowledgeable in many areas of life. Hire her!

Elizabeth Ferrington

Elizabeth Ferrington

Sofia’s brilliant support has allowed me to clear my life of clutter and focus on the things that excite me most, whether it’s a new creative venture, an idea for work, or a new way to arrange my workspace. She makes it exciting to approach the things that I avoided before, and now I can’t wait to clear out anything in my life that’s getting in the way of my goals, whether it's mental, physical or emotional clutter! Her coaching and support has allowed me to get real with myself and look at a messy situation or space with new eyes. I now have a new understanding of how I go about living life, and making changes comes with ease! I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a gentle hand in dealing with both tough stuff and the things that make you thrive!

Michelle Kuypers

Start-up and Small Business Specialist / Seeds of Success

Sofia was great. She helped me address issues of organization (or lack thereof) in a very systematic, methodical and efficient manner. I had a room full of memories and accumulation that needed to be sorted and Sofia handled it like a pro in a fun and light hearted way. I highly recommend her to bring clarity out of your clutter.

Erma Bonadero

Clinical Law Professor / University of Houston Law Center

If your home or office is a cluttered mess and you just don't have the time, talent, or patience to tackle it on your own, then you need to have Sofia on your speed dial. She will whip it into shape and teach you how to keep it that way. Additionally, she's very honest and a ton of fun to work with!

Lela Donelson

Entrepreneur / Lela Donelson Training & Development

From chaos to clarity! That is Sofia’s specialty and it is accurate. After ten years my office had become cluttered and filled with sentimental items that no longer served a useful purpose. Sofia helped me let go of the things that I no longer needed and she set up an organizational system that works for me! I get much more work done now that I can easily access what I need, and have an organizational system. She is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her.

Sandra Zimmer

Founder & Director / The Self-Expression Center

“Sofia’s organizational skills are unparalleled. She transformed my chaotic business into a smooth-running operation. She created systems for receiving and recording money, enrolling and contacting students, sending press releases and ordering supplies. She organized papers, filing and the computer. In addition, she created a procedure manual which helped me train my new employee in a thorough manner. However, it is who Sofia is as a person that is her best qualification. She is committed to doing her best at all times. Whatever she undertakes, she does well. Give her a task and she runs with it. She love challenges and rises to them. She wants to please and will make every effort to do so. She is completely trustworthy, honest and responsible beyond her years. You can trust her word and count on her integrity. I believe she will be a great asset to any future client.


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